New York State begins elevating the minimal wage and paid sick go away

ALBANY, NY (WIVB) – For backcountry workers earning the minimum wage or a little more, January brought an initial raise. For most employers, the hinterland minimum wage starts at $ 12.50 an hour and gradually increases until it reaches $ 15 an hour.

All states raise their minimum wages in the new year

For Macie Pisa, co-owner of the dog grooming company Laundro Mutt, the new raise and sick leave law is for her competition.

“So we just expanded it, so we give the 40 hours and just doubled it. Now every two weeks are on sick leave. “

Another new benefit for New York’s private sector workers was the paid sick leave, which they actually amassed last September.

Minimum Wage Hike: NY Restaurant Concerned, “It Needs Revaluation”

“Companies with four or more employees who make at least $ 1 million a year or any other company with at least 5 to 100 employees must take 40 hours of paid sick leave,” said Joe Saeli of Colligan Law.

The new employee benefits for private employers in New York are another hurdle their superiors must overcome during a once-in-hundred-year pandemic. It’s especially difficult for those in the hospitality and food industries – although tipped employees in this sector are generally exempt from minimum wage standards overall.

“A lack of business and rising costs have been devastating to us, and the timing of this next minimum wage hike will certainly affect us,” said David Schutte, owner of Oliver’s Restaurant.

Schutte says his Britesmith brewery was a bright light.

“At Brightsmith we have our beer garden which is just open to the atmosphere and people loved getting out of the fire pit and having a few beers and pizza and it was great fun.”

Private sector workers can take one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours they work, up to 56 hours per calendar year. More information can be found here.

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