New York Occasions: 10 New Books We Advocate This Week | KyivPost

Published on January 24th. Updated January 24th at 4:25 pm

A customer selects books in a bookstore in Kuwait City on January 23, 2021.

Photo of AFP

This week’s featured books cast their nets wide, from the shores of a Scottish loch to the hills of southern India to the story of a peripatetic childhood in Europe and East Africa. You also look back in time: George Saunders takes up classics of Russian literature; Robert Jones Jr. envisions a love story on a Mississippi plantation before the Civil War; and Stephen Kendrick and Paul Kendrick’s father-son team write about the 1960 Georgia arrest of Martin Luther King Jr., which starred in this year’s presidential election. Other books we like include James Comey’s Bill of Honesty and Accountability in Politics, Rich Cohen’s Look at a Connecticut Kid’s Hockey League, A Bad Parenting Thriller, and a Classic Surrealist Novel that has been reissued.

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