New York Metropolis is stopping indoor consuming due to the unfold of the pandemic

New York City will stop dining indoors starting next week as it tries to slow the spread of rising coronavirus infections, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday.

The rollback marks the latest blow to the Big Apple’s famous restaurants and economy, which have been hit by pandemic standstills.

“We’re going to close indoor dining on Monday in New York City. Outdoor dining and takeaway will continue,” Cuomo told reporters.

The governor warned on Monday that restaurants in America’s largest city would have to stop eating indoors if hospital stay rates couldn’t stabilize within five days.

He announced on Friday that nationwide hospital stays rose to more than 5,300, well from a high of nearly 19,000 in April but well after a low of just over 400 in early September.

“Hospital stays have not stabilized, and with the rate of infection and the density of NYC rising, it means that indoor dining is too high a risk,” Cuomo said.

Restaurants were allowed to accept customers with a capacity of 25 percent.

Covid-19 has killed more than 35,000 people in New York state, the vast majority in New York City.

Most of the deaths occurred in the spring and early summer, when the state was the epicenter of America’s first outbreak.

Cuomo added that 346,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine are expected to be shipped to New York state in the week of December 21, in addition to the 170,000 doses of Pfizer coming this weekend pending FDA approval.

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