New York Metropolis and the state seem poised to obtain federal help, supply says CBS2 – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York State and New York City appear to be in line with billions of dollars in federal aid included in Washington-negotiated new stimulus package – money that will help with looming COVID-related budget deficits.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports that Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer stepped onto the floor of the Senate Chamber today to bring good news to New Yorkers – good news for Governor Andrew Cuomo and good news for Mayor Bill de Blasio. facing huge budget deficits.

“We’re putting the finishing touches to the greatest incentive in the country’s history, with the exception of the CARES Act,” said Schumer.

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Governor Cuomo, with a budget gap of $ 15 billion, and Mayor de Blasio, nearly $ 4 billion behind, have resented that the $ 900 billion stimulus package, which is still under negotiation, is not providing direct local aid Has.

However, a source close to Senate Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives reports that CBS2 lawmakers have found a way to send billions home to New York.

In addition to $ 600 in-person stimulus checks, sources say the bill:

  • Expansion of the extended unemployment insurance
  • Get another round of help for New York’s small businesses and restaurants
  • Submit $ 4 billion to the MTA
  • Earmark $ 6 billion for city and state education programs
  • Include billions for vaccine distribution and COVID health funding
  • And include the possibility of FEMA help

According to sources, Senator Schumer hopes this funding will serve as a bridge to the Biden government and hopes the new government will be positive about helping local communities.

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But that didn’t stop Mayor de Blasio from voicing concerns. After all, he has to propose a new financial plan next month. Without any significant help, it could mean thousands of layoffs from plumbing workers who have already been hit to police and rescue workers.

“One reason I’m so excited about the current negotiations is that I have no guarantee that there will be another incentive,” said de Blasio.

Governor Cuomo is also concerned because some of the steps to close the state’s loophole certainly include tax hikes – but what isn’t clear is what taxes are and how much.

Sources say negotiations in Washington could last into the weekend.


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