New York judge rejects Gangster’s plea for merciful release – NBC New York

A federal judge in western New York has denied a plea for a compassionate release by a Rochester gangster who claims he is at risk of death because of the coronavirus.

Dominic Taddeo, who has been jailed for the killing of three people and other crimes over the past three decades, said his high blood pressure, obesity and other health problems put him at higher risk of serious complications if he contracted COVID-19. He is due to be released from prison in two years.

But U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. ruled Friday that Taddeo had failed to prove he was at serious risk, and even if he was at serious risk, it did not outweigh the need to serve his full sentence, reported Democrat & Chronicle.

Geraci noted that Taddeo was convicted of extortion involving “the murder of three people, the attempted murder of two others, and the conspiracy to murder a fifth person” while Taddeo was a member of a Rochester mob family.

Prosecutors said the medical records did not show that Taddeo, who is being held in a federal prison in Florida, is particularly unhealthy.

In 1982 and 1983, Taddeo shot Nicholas Mastrodonato, Gerald Pelusio and Dino Tortatice during local mob wars.

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