New York Instances: 10 New Books We Suggest This Week | KyivPost

Released February 7th. Updated February 7 at 2:27 pm

Bookshelves of library books stand at the Newfield Elementary School Media Center in Stamford, Connecticut on August 31, 2020.

Photo of AFP

It’s rare for a self-help book to crack our list of recommended titles. But Ron Lieber’s guide to the financial side of higher education, “The Price You Pay For College,” made the cut for a number of reasons. First, at first glance, it’s an impressively thorough and genuinely useful guide for people staring at the steep cliff of tuition fees. (I am one.) Second, and more relevant to a general reader audience, it also contains an implicit analysis and criticism of higher education as a system, recognizing the inequalities that exist at all levels from recruitment to admission to financial aid. It’s a guide that will also make you think: “But why?”

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