New York Giants obtain unhealthy harm information on protection and optimism on offense

When New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones went down against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 12, it was expected that they would lose to the Seattle Seahawks in week 13.

Reserve quarterback Colt McCoy, however, did just enough to help his team win. Defense has stepped up a lot and limited a strong offensive in Seattle to just 12 points.

This week Jones made himself well again, but is not 100% healthy. He was seen jogging lightly across the field after doing a rebound in practice, but it was clear that his stride was still limping, suggesting that it might take another week to return as a starter.

“Some progress has been made,” said Judge, suggesting writer Art Stapleton, according to Giants. “We had a long conversation with [Jones] A long talk with him after training [Friday] Again tomorrow. We’ll let him go through one more time and see how he reacts to that. I’m pretty optimistic, but at the same time there is still work to be done and we have to be fair to him. “

While the offense could win their quarterback back, the defense could lose theirs against the Arizona Cardinals this weekend.

Against Seattle, linebacker Blake Martinez suffered a back injury in the fourth quarter that lasted for the remainder of the competition. With the game on the line, the Giants defense had to survive without him and they got the job done despite their best run-stop LB sitting on the sidelines.

Despite the injury, Martinez had a fantastic game against the Seahawks and has been a stallion for the Giants overall this season. He collected 111 tackles, six tackles against loss, five quarterback hits and 2.0 sacks.

Losing Martinez would be a huge blow to the defense against Arizona, which has one of the best running games in the NFL. As the league’s top run defender, Martinez has 47 stops this year and has done a great job mitigating big second tier games.

In his absence, the Giants Backup would have to deploy David Mayo, who is physically a similar player to Martinez but lacks his speed and vision.

Last season, Mayo started in 13 games, earning 82 combined tackles and five tackles for one loss. He’s actually been pretty solid for Big Blue, and while losing Martinez is a tough blow, the Giants have signed Mayo as a depth option for an expansion.

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