New York eating places anticipate monetary losses through the Payments playoff sport

ERIE COUNTY, NY (WIVB) – The 10:00 p.m. curfew was enforced by Governor Andrew Cuomo in November after the number of COVID-19 cases rose due to Halloween gatherings. The owner of Robbie’s Bar and Grill says this is pushing people to have house parties instead.

“I hear all of my customers almost every night [say]Okay who are we going to? Where are we going?’ And they take turns going to each other’s houses, ”says Robbie Tennant of Robbie’s Bar and Grill.

Tennant says it has been challenging to run a bar that closes at 10 p.m. She and her business partner aren’t sure how much longer they’ll be staying in Monroe County.

“We’re also one of those restaurants that’s now on the fence because of these rules,” says Tennant. “We’re looking at Tennessee. We’re looking at Tennessee now to open up a place to get out of New York. ”

Last weekend they hosted a patio party for the Bills game for the Rusty Nickel Brewing Company in Erie County. This week it will most likely be a different story.

“The 8:15 pm start creates a lot of confusion for those who think, ‘Well, I can go into this house and they show the game and I’ll be able to stay the whole time,” he says Jason Havens, the owner of the Rusty Nickel Brewing Company. “But that’s not currently the case.”

Havens adds that they have started applying for a holding fee for reservations.

“Now we have to tell each of these people by phone that they may have to leave at 9:50 am unless something changes.”

This hope for change rests on two factors. The first is a request from the Erie County Legislature Minority Caucus to change the curfew for the game only. The second is the lawsuit that both restaurants are involved in.

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