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The New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain has died.

The 69-year-old musician, who was originally a member of the band and stayed with them until they split for the second time in 2012, had been battling cancer for over two years, but passed away on Wednesday (13/01/21).

A statement from his wife Wanda O’Kelley Mizrahi on his Facebook page read: As most of you know, Sylvain has battled cancer for the past two and a half years.

“Although he fought valiantly against it, he died of the disease yesterday.

“As we mourn his loss, we know that he is finally at peace and without pain. Please turn up his music, light a candle, say a prayer and let us send this beautiful doll on his way. “

The band’s front man, David Johansen, has also paid tribute to his “best friend”.

He wrote on Instagram: “My best friend for so many years, I can still remember the first time I saw him jumping straight from the plane into the rehearsal room / bike shop with his carpet bag and guitar after leaving Amsterdam had been deported loved him.

“I’ll miss you old pal. I’ll keep the house fires burning. “

Wanda’s statement also contained a touching tribute to the musician Lenny Kaye, who thought deeply about the life of the “fulcrum” of the group.

Lenny wrote: “Syl loved rock and roll.

“His joy on stage, his beaming smile as he chopped on his guitar, showed the feeling of astonishment he must have felt at the age of 10 when he emigrated with his family from his native Cairo in 1961 and the ship in drove down New York Harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time. “

“His role in the band was the fulcrum in keeping the rotating satellites of his bandmates precise.

“Although he tried valiantly to keep the band going, the Dolls’ moral fable eventually overwhelmed them, not before it sparked an influence that would create many generations of rock to come.

“The New York Dolls heralded the future and made it easy to dance to.

“When I first saw your poster on the wall of Village Oldies in 1972, promoting a residency at the Mercer Hotel on the street, the New York Dolls were the heated core of This Music during their meteoric rise and the bursting of stars. that we welcome, the band that makes you want to start a band.

“Syl never stopped. In his solo lifeline, he’s been greeted all over the world, from England to Japan, but especially in the rocky caves of New York City, where I met him at the Bowery Electric a few years ago. Still Syl. His corkscrew curls, hops tirelessly, exults in living his dream and begs the crowd to sing along, and so we will. His mirrored twin names become us.

“Thank you, Sylvain x 2, for your heart, your faith and the way you struck that E chord. Sleep baby doll.

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