New York continues to be in dire want of federal funding

(WBNG) – While any additional federal funding is more than welcome in New York, officials told 12 News that more than $ 2 billion is required to resolve any financial troubles in the state.

On Thursday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) announced that FEMA will reimburse New York State 100% of its COVID-related expenses after Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) declared a state of emergency last spring.

FEMA had previously announced that it would reimburse 75% of the total costs. That additional 25% adds $ 2 billion to the state budget.

Earlier, Governor Cuomo announced that the state’s budget deficit is about $ 15 billion, or 7.5 times the latest additional funding.

“We’re going to need way more than $ 2 billion, the state is going to take way more than $ 2 billion to pay the cost of COVID, but accessing those funds will certainly be very helpful and I see some will give. ” Kind to the local communities too, “said Jason Garnar (D), executive of Broome County.

Garnar and several other politicians at the southern level have repeatedly called for more direct aid to the municipalities as they face their own budget deficits. To complicate matters, the governor said if the state does not get enough federal funding, an additional 20% cut in local aid could be made.

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