Naomi Campbell donates 1,000 meals packages to 5 leisure hospitals throughout New York Metropolis

Naomi Campbell has partnered with Cipriani Restaurants NYC to deliver 1,000 grocery packages to frontline workers in five hospitals across New York.

The 50-year-old supermodel has teamed up with the hotel company to donate the bags of groceries to the mountain. Sinai, Montefiore, Harlem Hospital, Coney Island Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital this week.

Naomi wanted to offer the “small token of appreciation” to the brave employees putting themselves at risk to protect the city amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She said, “Thank you for choosing to work on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the risk you have taken over the past nine months to protect New York City. Please enjoy this little token of appreciation as thanks for your hard work and dedication in these difficult times. “

Meanwhile, Naomi recently surprised a teacher who shares her name.

Last month, the London-born star shared a clip of herself greeting her namesake after the teacher revealed that sharing the name had made her life difficult.

Naomi titled the Instagram video: “Thank you Naomi Campbell @naomii_campbell_ to you and all of the school teachers out there who stand in the front line every day.

“Nice to meet you and now I hope you won’t get bullied anymore, my new friend who bares the same name from Streatham #schoolteachersmatter #southlondongirls (sic).”

The teacher recently shared how moving to the south London area where Campbell was born had made the teasing she received about her name worse.

Naomi wrote: “When I moved from Leeds to Streatham, London at the age of 23, I was excited to see what this new chapter of my life would bring.

Little did I know that I accidentally moved to my famous namesake’s birthplace and that the jokes and comments that had followed me all my life were only going to get worse.

“I remember thinking, ‘What are the odds? Like sharing a name isn’t enough.’

“Whenever I meet people in the area or tell someone where I live, they ask whether I know their mother, who apparently lives nearby. For the record, I don’t.”

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