My New York: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has lived in multiple cities, but when it comes to playing favorites, she takes her lead from her Yorkie-Shih-Tzu mix who prefers New York. “She likes the cooler weather and the changing seasons,” says Washington of her pooch Josie B. “There’s a lot more interesting sniffing here!” The 32-year-old native of the Bronx is making her Broadway debut as David Mamet’s newest evil wife on “Race.” And while the former swim team member at Spence now calls the East Side home, she still has a soft spot for the Bronx. “There is real diversity [here] that you won’t find in many places, ”she says. “I don’t mean that in the obvious sense, but there are so many industries, so many ways that people make a living and make a living.” This is your New York.

1) Jackson Hole, 1270 Madison Ave., 91st Street

“Jackson Hole was a real home away from home for all of us Spence girls – I loved their burgers, chili fries, cheese fries, onion fries. We’d hang around the corner. If I feel like a burger, you’ll find me there now [that] There’s one in Midtown that I go to a lot. “

2) Whole Foods, Time Warner Center, Broadway on 59th Street
“My place to go for a quick dinner or lunch. There is a whole section for sitting. There is a great salad bar, hot dishes, a sushi bar, a dessert bar. . . You could make a five-course meal at Whole Foods, but then you couldn’t be on the express line! “

3) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifty Avenue at 82nd Street

“As a moody teenager, I went to the rooftop garden looking for a place where I could think about life. This was a place where my mother and I were often together. There is now a great photo exhibition there, Robert Frank’s “The Americans”. ”

4) Precious Pets, 895 First Ave., 50th Street
“I was nervous about moving Josie B. to a new location when I moved back east, but they do a great job, with really precise cuts, and they even document their first session. They have a wonderful gift shop with dog bowls and leashes, and there is also a daycare for dogs. If you can’t pick them up right away, they can stay and play. “

5) Wave Hill, 675 W. 252nd St., The Bronx

“It’s so spectacular – a unique place in New York with a view of the stockades and the Hudson River. My best friend was a college student in Fieldston, and she lived in Manhattan and commuted the other way around than me. Wave Hill was the place we sometimes went after soccer games to hang out and entertain girls. “

6) Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, the bronx

“I grew up there and went to school with my mother. The campus is so beautiful! They have a performing arts center that is really, really wonderful as there is a lot of Latin music and dance and international groups like Chinese acrobats. It’s the Lincoln Center in the Bronx. “

7) Tosca Cafe, 4038 E. Tremont Ave., The Bronx

“My father grew up in Brooklyn, my mother in the Bronx, and that’s a family favorite. It’s traditional Italian food – coal-fired pizza and everything – and the weekend buffets are amazing. You have this limitless champagne brunch. “

8) The New York Botanical Gardens, The Bronx
“Right now they have the train exhibition which is magical! They’ve basically recreated landmarks from all over New York City from twigs and seeds, twigs and flowers – there’s a wonderful Christmas glow around them. “

9) Quality Meat, 57 W. 58th St.

“I eat a lot of vegetarian food, but when I feel like a great steak, they have the best. It’s a wonderful modern steakhouse, a mix of traditional produce and new sides like edamame and English peas. Their salads are amazing too. “

10) Asphalt Green, 555 E. 90th St. (on the East River)

“It is really a sports and recreation center for children and families. I was on the Spence swim team and that’s where we swam. I actually come from a swimming family. At the end of my parents’ first appointment, they agreed to meet at Riis Park Beach. “

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