Mother and son roar in celebration after passing New York bar examination

A Columbia Law School graduate recorded the joyful moment when he and his mother found out he passed the bar exam on December 16. Alex Clavering, who can be seen in the video, recorded this moment at his home in Long Island and posted it on Twitter.

Clavering told Storyful that he spent about four months preparing for the exam, which he took in New York on October 5-6. The exam was due to virtual COVID-19 restrictions.

The young lawyer said he received the results in an email. The video shows his mother waiting expectantly while he downloads and reads the letter with his results.

You can hear Clavering say, “I’m downloading it, I’m downloading it” while his mother looks over his shoulder and says, “Are you? Where is it?”

As soon as the letter is loaded, he and his mother are silent for a moment before they both exclaim: “Congratulations!” and hug.

Clavering told Storyful that he currently works as a public defender with the Legal Aid Society in Suffolk County and is interested in continuing to work in the public interest. Photo credit: Alex Clavering via Storyful

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