Mookies – cookies filled with mochi – have taken over New York

If there’s one thing New Yorkers go crazy for, it’s combo desserts. From cronuts to grilled cheesecake, the mashups always trigger a ton of social media posts, brain teasers, and a ton of online orders.

The next creative invention to take over our Instagram feeds and palates is the mookie: shortbread biscuits with mochi, made by Sunnyside, Queens-based Boiis Co.

You have three options to choose from: the salted caramel biscuit filled with caramel mochi, the ube biscuit with a filling of the same name and a matcha biscuit that is also filled with ube mochi. Additionally, those with a sweet tooth can expect a seasonal flavor to be added to the product list every month. April A wonderful selection is a Thai tea mookie with a Thai tea mochi filling. The company also plans to launch a Basque mochi cheesecake next month. Yum.

Photo: designated Co.

Boiis Co. now offers nationwide shipping and started selling tofu mochi canapes as early as 2019. After a successful run through a series of pop-ups (and a forced pandemic-triggered pause), the company unveiled the Mookie line of products, which unsurprisingly took over Instagram due to its photogenic properties.

Regarding culinary details, the treats are made with both all-purpose and cake flour, as well as European butter and sugar.

On the destination’s official website, they’re described as “bite-sized donuts that combine Asian-inspired flavors into a healthier, gluten-free, guiltless snack.” We’re not sure how guilt-free the indulgence actually is, but … do you really care? We all need something sweet now and then.

Expulsed Co. biscuits
Photo: designated Co.

So that you cannot place your order online, we should warn you that the March inventory is already sold out. But do not despair! April slots will open this Friday, March 19th at 12 noon EST. So be sure to keep checking the company’s official website and Instagram page to receive a box as soon as they become available again.

In the meantime, check out this New Yorker’s decadent banana bread or indulge in a delicious, colorful rainbow cake from a local bakery if your sweet tooth needs to take care of it.

As the French say: Bon appetit!

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