Marilyn Hagerty starred within the New York Occasions

Long-time Herald columnist Marilyn Hagerty is used to asking questions and interviewing other people, but when the phone rang this week, she was surprised to know someone wanted to interview her.

“It’s kind of weird when it comes to you because I don’t write about myself; I write about other people, ”said Hagerty.

Hagerty was featured in the New York Times, published online in the newspaper’s grocery section on Thursday, December 10th.

The story describes what Hagerty did during the pandemic and re-delves into her viral Olive Garden column starting in 2012. She has limited her professional food to take-away and delivery for now, the Times reported.

But the whole story and the accompanying photos surprised Hagerty.

The photos showed Hagerty being taken out of Olive Garden, the location of her 2012 virus column, and the food being unpacked. Following this column, Hagerty was featured in various media.

Hagerty has written about Olive Garden several times since her original column went viral eight years ago, including in February.

“I hardly dreamed my weekly restaurant review would go viral for The Herald,” she wrote in the column earlier this year. “I could hardly dream that it would take me to New York City and a visit to the New York Times editorial office. Little could I imagine that I would end up with Anderson Cooper and other national television programs three times. Nor that myself would hit. ” with the late Anthony Bourdain. “

Bourdain was later instrumental in the publication of Hagty’s book “Grand Forks: A History of American Food in 128 Reviews”.

Little did she know the New York Times would be calling again this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The Times also interviewed Hagty’s son James R. Hagerty, who works for the Wall Street Journal, for the play.

“It’s just crazy to me and I’m kind of overwhelmed, but I’m going to get through it,” Marilyn Hagerty said with a laugh.

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