Letter: The New York State vaccination process works well letters

I am aware of the criticism of the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine. I agree that our response to the pandemic and the introduction of the vaccine as a nation left much to be desired. I want to praise New York State based on my personal experience. I get tested regularly because I take care of older parents. My experience with the planned process, the Ministry of Health staff and the actual test site has been excellent. Everyone involved was helpful and considerate. The planning and testing was always smooth and well organized.

I recently had my first dose of vaccine at the major Syracuse outlet. I was expecting a mess given the large number of people. What I found instead was a very well executed program. I quickly went through the checkpoints and had a dose in my arms within 20 minutes of my arrival. As far as I could see, this wasn’t unusual. The setup was easy for people to use, there was always staff to guide me through the process, and everyone I came in contact with was friendly and helpful. I understand that the planning process is still very difficult. Only additional supplies will help. However, my experience with the New York State tests and vaccines has been professional, well organized, and while I was very busy, all of the staff I encountered have been pleasant and compassionate.

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