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New Jersey is one of only three states in the United States to offer legal online casino gambling. Other states like New York offer gambling and sports betting, but it’s still illegal to do both online in the state. As seen in Europe, online gambling and betting is a huge, high revenue market and it is probably only a matter of time before states like New York join the fun. For now, you still have to visit New Jersey to play online gambling and sports betting websites. According to WSN New Jersey betting guideThere are currently 16 licensed sports betting websites in the state.

Online gambling in New Jersey

The online gambling business in New Jersey is booming and there is a simple explanation as to why. Thousands of people take a short trip to New Jersey from New York City and the rest of New York state when they feel the urge to gamble online. New Jersey has been open to business since 2018, when the US Supreme Court allowed any state to rule on the rules of online gambling and wagering. The industry is growing rapidly and is extremely popular.

The hard truth for New Jersey

Since you have to pay taxes on your winnings on the online gambling and betting websites, the state of New Jersey makes good money from gambling. With all of the people migrating to New Jersey from New York state to gamble and wager, there is no doubt that the New Jersey gambling grip, and thus the state of New Jersey, would take a hit if gambling online and betting would become legal in New York. People would of course stay in their home state to play and bet online rather than inconveniently transporting themselves to New Jersey.


While it may be a depressing thought for people to make money with all of the New Yorkers traveling to New Jersey to do their online gambling and sports betting, they can still breathe a sigh of relief for some time. It doesn’t look like New York will legalize online gambling and wagering until at least 2021, and the likelihood of that happening is far from certain.

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