Ideas for Creating Privacy with Landscaping

When it comes to designing a backyard, the topic that many clients bring up to their Long Island landscaping services crew is how can they achieve more areas of seclusion so they can relax and enjoy their yard without feeling like they are on display.  Regardless of the amount of entertaining you do, while the warmer weather can be enjoyed, it’s nice to be able to spend as much time as you can outside in the privacy of your own backyard while getting the feeling of being a little removed from your neighbors.

One of the best ways to achieve backyard privacy is to incorporate shade trees also referred to as large calipers as they grow taller.  Trees with larger crowns can provide lots of shade, can block nuisances from higher above, and are typically wider.

If you are looking for ways to fill in open areas closer to the ground, whether it be the view of a neighbor’s garage or an eyesore of rusty fence, a good solution would be planting Arborvitae trees.  When grouped together, these trees can provide a natural “green” wall.

Because trees shed their leaves in the winter, using an evergreen hedging plant with dense foliage in areas you want to obstruct year-round is an excellent idea. Many are resilient and their dense foliage can serve as both a visual and acoustic barrier. And, if you like tall hedging, there are lots of options to choose from.

We all have those places in our yards that we want to conceal, such as air conditioners and sheds.  A clump of season shrubs is an excellent way to add color and charm to this otherwise unappealing location.

A privacy lattice can be used for a variety of purposes.  Build a shuttered or lattice-style privacy screen around your patio. Put panels in places where you want a buffer between you and something else. Plant vines or climbing hydrangeas at the base if you want a splash of color.

Not only will these changes help solve your privacy problem areas, but they can increase the aesthetics of your outdoor space as well.  Aside from plantings, you can always incorporate wood and stone pieces which opens a whole new world of possibilities.


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