I am on the airport and need to go to New York, however I am unable to discover my passport

I’ll take a flight to New York, one of my favorite cities. As soon as I arrive at the airport everything goes wrong: I can’t find my boarding pass or passport and keep getting lost. I ask the staff for help, but they don’t seem to care. I panic when I realize I’m going to miss my flight.

This is a warning dream. The drama shows that this woman is unprepared: She cannot find her boarding pass or her passport and is lost again and again. She asks others for help, but the responsibility is clearly her. She’s not doing it right. Panic sets in when she realizes that the flight will go without her.

Negotiating an airport is challenging, and every step of the way must be properly completed: arrive on time, have correct ID, submit baggage for a thorough check, find the designated waiting area to board, and so on. No margin is given for misrepresenting these requirements.

What’s the reason this woman has such an airport nightmare about a trip to one of her favorite cities? Could there be an interview or does she have to give a presentation and has not made the necessary preparations? Is she too casual or careless with her home chores or with her emotional life? The dream says that she needs to improve her skills and diligently prepare for each upcoming test.

The dream is not a prediction, just a video of what is currently going on in her subconscious and she has time to make the necessary efforts. Otherwise it will fail and failure will panic people.

I am at a point in my life where I am very satisfied and I was surprised to have this dream: a small baby is lying on a large double bed and is about to give birth to another baby. I am with two older sisters. At some point my father comes into the room and suggests changing the baby’s diaper. None of this strikes me as strange.

You are with two older sisters so you are the baby here. Childbirth is the most creative function a woman can perform, which is not strange or unfamiliar to the women gathered around the double bed. The dream shows that you are about to bring something wonderful and life-giving into the world, also on a metaphorical level. So now is a fruitful time to let the artist run wild and show his talents in design, cooking, music, painting, writing, gardening, dance, and relationships. The father figure justifies this creative feminine with its practicality by suggesting that the baby’s diaper needs to be changed.

This dream is immensely positive, with the baby doubling down to emphasize its creative importance. So continue to be “very satisfied”, which comes from the Latin “contentus”, which means that it is self-contained and even reserved and that it holds together as creative women have always done.

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