How New York’s introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine derailed

More than a month after a Queens nurse became the first American to receive the coronavirus vaccine, New York’s vaccination rollout has slowed to a crawl and stocks of the shots have dried up.

On Thursday, the state announced it had used 93 percent of the doses received so far – while the city postponed dates when no new shares came in that week.

Here’s a look at where New York’s vaccination efforts are now, and how they got off course.

Why are coronavirus vaccination dates being canceled in New York?

At least 22,000 New Yorkers had postponed their appointments to get the first dose of the two-dose vaccine between Thursday and Sunday because the city no longer had enough shots to meet demand – and a shipment of doses expected by Moderna this week have been delayed.

These appointments were made through 15 hubs of the city’s Department of Health.

Appointments made through the city’s public hospital system due to the greater shortage are also affected, as are appointments in private hospitals and in the hinterland. Buffalo’s Erie County has also canceled scheduled recordings.

Why are New York City Running Out of Coronavirus Vaccine Supplies?

Part of the problem is a delay in supplies from Moderna – one of two manufacturers of a coronavirus vaccine – for which city officials are still looking for an explanation.

But even if everything went smoothly at manufacturers, the federal government is currently only allocating about 250,000 doses of the vaccine per week to New York State, excluding those earmarked for the state-run nursing home vaccination program.

The government has pointed to the slow and complicated introduction of vaccines in New York at first, but the city and state have determined the number of people eligible for inclusions and the number of locations they should be included in. increased dramatically – saying that the offer was not received increased to match.

Can I still get a coronavirus vaccine in New York?

You can still try to find coveted vaccine appointments in public and private clinics through the city and state online portals, although there seem to be few that are readily available.

The city, state, and various clinics have their own registration process.

New York City residents can book appointments in any state location.

If you had an appointment for the first dose that was canceled due to the Moderna shortage, the city has postponed it for next week.

What role did city and state play in the collapse?

Very restrictive government regulations about who could and could not get the vaccine initially resulted in many doses being on hold for weeks at the start of the rollout.

Meanwhile, the city released a labyrinthine online registration system – especially confusing seniors, most at risk from the coronavirus – and scrambled to get distribution centers up and running.

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