Hiring a Certified Residential Appraiser


Residential Appraisal firms have been a good way for people to hire appraisers quickly for their properties. Appraisals are a critical part of real estate dealings, and usually it’s necessary to locate an appraiser that you feel at ease with and who knows your specific requirements. If you own, rent or lease any residential property, residential appraisals are critical. While an appraisal is an important part of any real estate transaction, finding an experienced appraiser isn’t always easy.


If you have concerns about the qualifications of your Long Island residential appraisal firm of choice, the process might seem daunting. The first thing to do, though, is to have an idea of what you want from your appraiser. Is it vital that your appraiser has expertise in the specific that you’re looking at? Is it vital that your appraiser can find issues and problems with your property that aren’t immediately noticeable? What do you need?


You can ask for a portfolio of appraisals of homes similar to yours that the residential appraisal firm has handled. This portfolio should show all sorts of details about the types of issues and concerns that were discussed during previous appraisals. It’s important, however, to remember that some appraisers will steer clear of homes like yours, while others will be eager to deal with your situation. So, if you only get one or two appraisals from your chosen residential appraisers, you need to make sure that they come highly recommended by others.


Find an appraisal firm that hires and retains only its best appraisers, ones that have backgrounds in areas where your home is concerned. For example, you should avoid hiring an appraiser with experience in residential foreclosures, unless that is something you are specifically interested in. It’s imperative that you get an appraisal that is based on sound financial principles, rather than something that has been grilled or cooked up for the sale!


Look at the list of appraisals the residential appraisal firms submitted to your local board of examiners. If there are a number of bad appraisals, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is a bad one. On the contrary, it could simply mean that the company underbid, which is the worst-case scenario. But, the good news is that many of the companies that are on that list won’t be around long. They are destined to be replaced soon, so if you see a bunch of them on your appraisal list, don’t write them off the first one you see!


Finally, don’t neglect your own instincts when interviewing appraisers. While they may know what they are talking about and have experience, you will get an appraisal that you think is biased if you let your emotions take control. Don’t fall into that trap. Get a second opinion and have your appraisals checked out by a certified residential appraisal firm as well.


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