Frustration with COVID vaccines increases as eligibility increases in New York State

As the state expands the funding pool, some New Yorkers are frustrated that they are not yet considered eligible.

BUFFALO, NY – As New York State gets warranted, frustrations mount as more New Yorkers wonder when it is their turn to roll up their sleeves.

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that adults aged 50 and over can now be vaccinated. However, this announcement comes at a time when vaccine supply is already lagging behind demand.

During Wednesday’s nationwide update, Cuomo made it clear that production delays of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are currently an issue. However, he hopes the government will fix this sooner rather than later.

“This is a logistical nightmare. The government has never operationalized such a large task,” says Cuomo. “But they have increased the supply dramatically. They promise more supply increases than the sales network for it.”

The waiting lists for vaccines are now growing.

Rachel Casey, the owner of Rust Belt Barbering and Salon in Elmwood Village, says she is frustrated as a salon owner for her employees and for her industry.

“The people who work in my business are very concerned that they are not allowed to do so, even though they are restaurant workers and other companies,” Casey says.

Although she was able to be vaccinated herself because of a pre-existing illness, Casey says she doesn’t understand the process of planning the stay in relation to vaccine distribution.

“I think they should definitely have looked at the stores that they closed first and went from there,” she says.

With other states appearing to penetrate faster through groups, New Yorkers like Casey lose confidence in the process.

“I think this is one of those things that no one knows how to go on until it happens,” Casey says.

And based on how it seems to be happening, it’s fair to feel frustrated.

“If someone comes in who is sick, we have to close, we’re all out of money. It’s still a very scary situation,” Casey says.

For now, however, the wait continues.

As of Wednesday, there are 15 million New Yorkers currently eligible for vaccination, according to the state.

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