Fran Lebowitz ’20 New York Quotes from “Fake It is a Metropolis”

Netflix’s latest limited series, Pretend It’s a City, is a New York fever dream: The seven-episode documentaries are directed by Martin Scorsese and mainly follow Marty and his good friend and local legend Fran Lebowitz who are at the Players Club frolic around. the New York Public Library and the streets of Manhattan while she complains and jokes about everything.

Michael Bloomberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, taxi drivers, distracted walkers, the Dalai Lama– –No one is safe from the writer’s extremely astute reviews and comments. Through all of these sharp shutdowns, however, a sweet loyalty to New York itself emerges, as it was in the ’70s when Lebowitz began her start as a columnist on Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, and as it is now.

It’s a wistful watch, especially at a time when so much of New York City is on the move, but it’s also packed with quotes that will make you giggle long after the credits roll. Here are 20 of our favorites:

1. “Let me tell you what smells terrible on the L train: the passengers.”

2. “The only person I’ve ever met who doesn’t agree with me [Spike Lee] are my relatives. “

3. “How would I describe my lifestyle? Well, I can assure you, I would never use the word ‘lifestyle’.”

4. “It’s an amazing thing because there are millions of people [in New York]and the only person who looks where they’re going is me. ”

5. “If you can eat it, it’s not art. If you can say I’ll have this and a cup of coffee, then it’s not art.”

6. “One of the reasons people our age came to New York when they were gay was because they were gay … That created a kind of density of angry homosexuals, which is always good for a city.”

Photo: Netflix

7. “If I complain about the things I complain about, will they change? Not that far.”

8. “Nobody can afford to live in New York. Yet eight million people do. How do we do it? We don’t know!”

9. “I can’t stand in front of a place where I smoke a cigarette without ten people immediately asking me for directions. And that always surprises me. Like, ‘Really? Do I look you welcome?'”

10. “The amazing thing to me is that I’m alive and walking barefoot in New York.”

Photo: Netflix

11. “One thing about leaving your place is that there are so many other people out there. The great thing about my place, besides the fact that it’s a great place, is that I check if there are other people in it.”

12. “Nobody in the subway system still has a ghost. They knocked him out of us. It would take one subway ride for the Dalai Lama to turn mad.”

13. “Why would it take six hours to go to LA? If you let Concorde go to LA, you wouldn’t have to stay the night. That’s an important national destination for me.”

14. “At the moment [the Chrysler building] is for sale … to me it’s the perfect size for a house for one. ”

15. “About a third of the people on the street in New York City have a yoga mat. That alone would keep me from doing yoga.”

Photo: Netflix

16. “I went to a Muhammad Ali fight in the garden … It was a wonderful fashion and cultural event. Unfortunately there was a fight in the middle.”

17. “I never got along with Andy [Warhol]. Andy never got along with me. He’s done a lot better since he died. ”

18. “Do you think it’s fair to bring a book to Times Square? It’s not fair to the books! “

19. “I should have written a novel six years ago, but I took ten years off to pout.”

20. “When people say, ‘Why do you live in New York?’ You really can’t answer them unless you know you despise people who don’t have the courage to do so. ”

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