Filipino grandmother attacked in New York

A Filipina was recently attacked in New York, the latest in a long list of violence against the Asian community in America.

A building’s security video clearly shows an unidentified man suddenly kicking a 65-year-old Filipina-American.

The lady goes to church.

With the force of the kick, the victim jumped up and lay down, but the suspect did not touch her.

Even on the ground, the suspect kicked the Filipino grandmother.

It is painful to see the video for fil-ams like Marni Halasa and Deidre Levy who are candidates for the upcoming elections as city council members.

“I’ve seen it. It was really … I really wonder who would ever do something like this – it’s awful … This has to be stopped, “Halasa said.

“I was just very upset because this could happen to my mother, it could happen to my Tita. And I would never want that to happen to someone I’m related, ”Levy said.

Filipino grandmother attacked in New York

The victim had a broken pelvis and a wound in the head, but she was safe and recovered, according to doctors.

Some Asian-American leaders in New York are outraged at the spread of so-called “hate crimes” against Americans of Asian descent.

Apart from the fact that no one immediately approached the Filipina and helped her, the security guard of the luxury apartment opposite closed the door.

“How often will you get us to stand here and ask for help? … The terrible thing about all of this, the attacker said to her, that you, you don’t belong here. My answer is, ‘Fuck you! Yes, I do, ”said Jo-Ann Yu of the Asian-American Federation.

In a tweet, US President Joe Biden promised to take steps to get the US Department of Justice to take the initiative to curb anti-Asian crimes.

In another tweet, Foreign Minister Teodoro Locsin said the incident could affect the country’s foreign policy but did not provide details.

“This is being taken seriously and will influence Filipino foreign policy. I might as well say it, so no one on the other side can say, “We didn’t know you took the racial brutality against Filipinos seriously at all.” We do, ”said Locsin.

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