Farah Naz New York is taking the style world by storm with environmentally pleasant high fashion

Farah Naz, a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York, founded Farah Naz New York in 2018 and the brand quickly made its debut at New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 in 2019. The show was a huge hit with participation from the fashion industry and Media representatives such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The Cut, New York Fashion Chanel and NYU.

Sustainable fashion is at the heart of the company – be it through their environmentally friendly collection or through haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing. The organic substances contain no chemicals and are not harmful to the environment. A fluid amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures, these pieces together form a new standard of modernity suitable for the 21st century independent woman who wants functional yet stylish garments.

This is how Farah Naz’s fashion goes green

The sustainable collection is the result of Farah’s love for the environment – and her desire to contribute to the safety of the environment. The fashion industry has been identified as one of the biggest polluters in the world, with fashion playing a role 10% of global carbon emissions and almost 20% of the wastewater. If these lifestyle patterns remain consistent in fashion or even increase, global clothing consumption will rise from 62 million tons in 2019 to 2019 102 million tons in 10 years.

Taking these statistics into account, consumers are encouraged to support brands that care about sustainability and use criteria that ensure clothing is environmentally friendly. In addition, consumers are advised to choose quality over quantity. Inexpensive clothing usually doesn’t last long and every time you need to buy a new item of clothing, it creates additional pollution. The most important aspect that sustainable fashion can promote is the creation of clothes of exceptional quality and timeless design.

With this in mind, Farah wanted to create a range that appealed to environmentally conscious people. The brand emphasizes the importance of developing environmentally friendly products as there is a lot of waste across the industry. However, this does not mean that the line is less exquisite than the others. On offer are double Silk overalls, cashmere dresses or cupro silk dresses.

Using organic silks that are not obtained from harmful chemicals or waste, the brand creates pieces that are not only environmentally friendly, but also an outfit that inspires confidence in every woman.

Dress like in luxury with Faraz Naz

Farah Naz High fashion The collection includes handcrafted and bespoke pieces that are the perfect blend of Eastern and Western styles. This range consists of clothing made from organic satin silk, French lace and pure fabrics such as cashmere.

The collection is filled with special details – some pearls, sequences and even Swarovski crystals that make each piece stand out from the next. However, the most important aspect of the range is the quality of the fabric. The brand believes that quality is essential and the most important part of product preservation.

Farah Naz wedding dresses are made with the same sustainability criteria as the other collections. The range includes wedding dresses in numerous styles and colors. Favorites include the graceful Crystal Wedding Gown and Black Chantilly Lace Gown.

In addition to the breathtaking outfits, the brand also offers handmade and hand-picked pieces of jewelry made of real sterling silver, platinum or gold plated.

Last shot

Farah Naz accepts nothing less than the best quality of fabric and handcrafted production from people whose families have been in the industry for years. Leveraging exceptional resources in the United States, the brand is aimed at modern women who lead independent lives. Her style is perfect for the woman who wants to be stylish and at the same time live her everyday life comfortably.

The global brand is available online and can be shipped all over the world. The fact that the clothing is geared towards sustainability only makes the brand more attractive and is an element that sets Farah Naz apart from many other fashionable clothing lines that offer similar ready-made luxury.

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