Did the “catastrophic” win of the New York Jets ship Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville?

Terez Paylor & Charles Robinson discuss the “catastrophic” 23:20 victory of the New York Jets against the Los Angeles Rams. The Jets are currently on their way to second overall selection in the April draft and may have sent Trevor Lawrence, a Generation QB prospect, to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Video transcript

TEREZ PAYLOR: Which organization had a tougher day, the New York Jets or the New England–


TEREZ PAYLOR: – patriots?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Just stop. Just stop by the jets. Just stop right there.


You didn’t even have to …


CHARLES ROBINSON: Just stop. I texted someone from the Jets organization. And I said do you know what’s really wild about it? I said in May the Patriots will have the worst quarterback in the division. And later that day I wrote, “Sorry.”


TEREZ PAYLOR: Oh, that’s brutal.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I mean we’ll see how that works out. But if you’re a Jets fan you better hope – that’s a mess to say, but you better hope Trevor Lawrence is like JaMarcus Russell. You better hope it’s just the biggest screwed up number one ever because you will remember this game forever. There are literally people out there who will think about it for 30, 40 years.

TEREZ PAYLOR: This is a 23:20 victory for the Jets on the road against the Los Angeles Rams, a Rams team that still has a lot to play for. You entered the day with a chance of still having number one in NFC. This is the kind of game that you expect. I mean it’s brutal for them, but the Jets – look, nobody wants to go 0 and 16 in this league. I get it.

But there is a difference in how the league perceives number one in this draft and whoever number two will be. And Trevor Lawrence will be the choice. It is considered a safe bet. He is considered something special. And meanwhile, they feel pretty good in Jacksonville.

The story goes on

But for the jets, man, courting. I understand exactly what you’re saying man. They closed that – by the way, did you know they closed as a 17 point underdog for this game?

CHARLES ROBINSON: As a 17-point outsider. Unreal. The thing about this game is like Adam Gase’s big middle finger for anyone who feels they don’t support him and …


CHARLES ROBINSON: – did something to wrong him in some way. In all honesty, I think this is Gase’s middle finger for these people. It’s probably the middle finger of the roster that says, look, we’re here to make our money. We are here to play. We don’t want 0 and 16 to be tied to us forever.

Sam Darnold, the same. Oh these people would treat me? Are you drawing Trevor Lawrence? Middle finger. And Darnold, some of them were red dots. I mean, he only had guys – there were a few litters I think were damn.

If I sit here and this is a guy that becomes available – I mean, hey, who knows? Maybe Jacksonville will win a game, blowing that situation down the line. I very much doubt that will happen now. But Darnold did enough in this game like I was someone who still thinks he had skills – he did a few things.

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