Denver Broncos speculated they might be interested in trading for New York QB Sam Darnold

Aside from a very impressive free agency transport, one thing that Denver Broncos GM George Paton has done quite well this off-season has obscured his view of Drew Lock and his intentions regarding the quarterback position .

Last but not least, the lack of maneuvers by the Broncos at QB during the first and second waves of the free hand suggests that Paton is at least comfortable with Lock as a starter for 2021 when it matters. But there is still a lot to be done before Paton actually gets involved in such a decision.

The commercial market is open for business related to the league and the NFL draft is rapidly approaching in late April. Denver is currently ranked 9th overall, but after San Francisco was maneuvered into the top 5, the likelihood of a top QB other than Mac Jones being there for Paton has decreased significantly.

However, Paton doesn’t necessarily have to move up to the top 5 to get a top 3 QB per se. The New York Jets are set to draw BYU QB Zach Wilson number 2 next month, which is turning Sam Darnold in the wind.

Darnold was number 3 in the 2018 draft and was coveted that year by then-Broncos GM John Elway. It wasn’t supposed to be when the Jets designed Darnold, however, which pushed Bradley Chubb further down and into Denver’s lap at selection # 5.

It is possible that Elway, still the Broncos president for soccer operations, has his cake and is eating it in relation to Darnold as well. NFL Network’s draft guru Daniel Jeremiah – a former league scout with deep roots and ubiquitous front office contacts – can foresee a move by Paton to transplant Darnold to Mile High City.

Jeremiah recently took part in KOARadio’s Big Al and JoJo shows, hinting that a deal for Darnold might still be on the horizon.

“I’m starting to look at the options you’re facing and thinking, ‘Man, if it’s cheaper to get Sam Darnold and you’re still holding your pick at number 9, this may be the best way to go , to continue . ‘”

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Jeremiah also addressed why the Broncos haven’t fully telegraphed a commitment to bring Lock this far into the new league year.

“The fact that they haven’t made a full commitment is because they have more information in the building than we do,” Jeremiah told KOA.

My creeping suspicion is that the GM would have already secured a step in this direction if Paton had really wanted Darnold or not necessarily wanted to roll with Lock as a starter. Paton has aggressively and with great effect pursued the businesses that attracted him.

Darnold-to-Denver, considering the Jets will put Wilson in second place, would have been a bargain by now if Paton really wanted former USC star QB. It’s possible that New York’s asking price was too high for Paton’s blood at the time, but if only a second round selection was required, maybe two of them to secure a QB, the GM would supposedly be a burgeoning franchisee Type viewed I wouldn’t I don’t see this as an obstacle to closing the deal.

“I think Darnold’s kind of the last domino to fall,” Jeremiah told KOA. “We have been waiting for him [Deshaun] Watson thing and it looks like whatever’s going on there isn’t going to happen. I think the only domino left to fall would be Darnold. You poke around and it seems like Denver and Carolina are two teams involved in this conversation. “

Darnold has always been a fascinating player. But it was tragically wasted in New York under ex-head coach Adam Gase.

Darnold’s big concern is that he has now damaged goods. That the ghosts he sees in his pocket have turned into full-fledged demons that no NFL team can cast out.

I don’t see a deal between Darnold and Denver, but I was wrong beforehand. In fact, it would still be more plausible for Paton to act and maybe close a deal with the Atlanta Falcons on Pick # 4, unlikely as it is in my judgment, than to forego a pair of premium round-draft picks from QB, the may no longer be salvable.

If that’s exactly what you want Denver to do and trade in for a QB, Jeremiah has provided parting fodder.

“I can’t see the Broncos acting for anyone but Justin Fields or Trey Lance,” said Jeremiah.

NBC Sports’ Peter King, one of the most connected journos in the NFL business, speculated that Darnold might end up in Denver. Don’t rule it out. But don’t hold your breath at the same time.

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