Deadline approaches for COVID hire reduction in New York State

Deadline approaches for COVID rent relief in New York State

There isn’t much time left in New York state to apply for COVID rental relief.

Deadline Quick Approaches to COVID Rent Relief in New York State

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The state has $ 100 million in CARES Act funding earmarked for rental support for people who are unable to get paychecks during the pandemic.

If your application is approved, a one-time rental grant will be sent directly to your landlord.

You can apply now and check all criteria here.

In July, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Rental Assistance Program, which aims to provide direct assistance to low-income tenants who have lost incomes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“From day one, we’ve made it clear that New Yorkers shouldn’t be thrown onto the streets because of the troubles caused by this pandemic,” Cuomo said at the time. “It is vital that people are able to stay safe in their homes as we progress through our data-driven, phased reopening. The COVID Rent Relief program reinforces that commitment with direct assistance to those most in need.”

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Deadline Quick Approaches to COVID Rent Relief in New York State

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