COVID-19: Fully Vaccinated NY Woman Gets Prescription To Hug Granddaughter

A New York grandmother got exactly the prescription she needed when her doctor wrote to “hug your granddaughter” after receiving her second COVID-19 vaccine.

Evelyn Shaw’s granddaughter arranged the whole thing with her grandmother’s doctor and had him seal the prescription in an envelope so she could open it later.

As you can imagine, the hug – Shaw’s first in a year because she lives alone and has been isolated with a visit outside her window since the beginning of the pandemic – was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The hug.

Jessica Shaw / Twitter

Shaw, who said she was “stuck in COVID country” and said it had been a “dark year”, was afraid to open the door when her daughter and granddaughter showed up.

But she gathered courage and opened the door to get that long-awaited hug from one of her favorite people in the world.

Her granddaughter Ateret Frank (who is also fully vaccinated) was just as moved as her grandmother and said it was an important moment in their lives that should happen for both of them.

Shaw’s daughter Jessica Shaw filmed the entire hug and posted it on her Twitter account.

Shaw’s sister, Dr. Laura Shaw Frank said the prescription was “holistic medical care” in its own tweet.

“Our mother’s doctor (including mine and my daughter’s) knows that our mother is very nervous about going back into the world,” she wrote. “She figured out how to make her way easier. Medical care from the heart. “

Now the grandmother says she won’t be afraid to go out into the world anymore and hopes to get a little bit of her old life back.

Shaw’s exact place of residence in New York has not been published.

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