COVID-19 deaths, New York hospitalizations, officers say

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 who died of the disease continued to rise, the state said on Saturday as New York waits for the first deliveries of a coronavirus vaccine, which officials hope will that in some cases they prevent a week-long increase.

States will receive the first Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines at hundreds of distribution locations across the country on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Army General Gustave Perna of federal operation Warp Speed ​​said Saturday.

State officials said New York’s first shipment would be 170,000 cans, with 170,000 more cans arriving within three weeks. Pfizer’s vaccine must be taken in two doses three weeks apart.

Ten Suffolk County residents and one Nassau County resident died of COVID-19 on Friday, along with 84 people in other parts of the state, a press release from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said Saturday. The 95 statewide deaths are higher than the 87 who died Thursday.

There were 5,359 people in New York hospitals with the disease on Friday, up from 5,321 on Thursday, but still well below its April 12 high of 18,825. The number in the intensive care unit also rose to 1,029.

Long Island hospitals have hospitalized 842 people with COVID-19, leaving only 18% of hospital beds available on a 7-day moving average. That is the lowest percentage of the state’s 11 regions. Bed availability elsewhere ranged from 19% in New York City to 46% in the North and 22% in the state.

Cuomo said in a statement, “COVID cases continue to rise across the country and if the holiday season is in full swing it could get worse before it gets better. We are focused on ensuring that the increase in cases we see , our not overwhelmed. ” Hospital system and we are implementing layoffs to sustain them. Ultimately, it is up to each of us to slow the spread of this virus until there is widespread access to a vaccine: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and stay vigilant. “

Cuomo also reiterated his call for federal funding to help businesses hit by the economic impact of the pandemic and the unemployed and to administer the vaccine.

Northwell Health said Saturday the number of COVID-19 patients fell slightly for the second day in a row. The state’s largest healthcare system said it had 788 COVID-19 patients in the 19 hospitals it owns and operates, up from 796 on Friday and 811 on Thursday.

However, Northwell cautioned that the general trend remained worrying. It had 762 COVID-19 patients on Wednesday and under 700 a little over a week ago.

North Hyde Park-based Northwell said it continues to see more patients at Staten Island University Hospital than anywhere else. 185 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized there.

Northwell said it had admitted 76 new COVID-19 patients to its hospitals in the past 24 hours, 43 in Long Island.

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