Construction Surveying Services

There are many contractors offering construction surveying services. A construction survey is the process of locating, measuring, recording, and verifying the exact positioning of building foundations, walls, dams, and other structures. It also includes a systematic inspection of structural standing from framing to interior finishes. A wide range of specialized equipment is used for construction surveying including: electronic Surveys, Laser/ emitting Computer Aided (LECAS) and Optical emitting Scanning Equipment (O CSI).


In today’s world, land surveys are necessary for any large-scale construction projects like apartment buildings, industrial set-ups, bridges, highways and more. An independent land surveyor must acquire certain skills to provide the best construction services, which includes accurate land measurements, accurate topographical details, knowledge about engineering drafting, computer software applications, communication skills, and knowledge about building regulations.


Building codes differ in each region, state, and country and construction surveying services must be tailored to meet the needs of a project. It is important for a land surveyor in New York to be familiar with the local building regulations to accurately measure the boundaries of various properties and establish the minimum required space required for building foundations and footings. This will ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Construction surveying services should be reliable to ensure completion of large-scale construction projects on time and without any errors. It is essential that the construction staking plan is implemented strictly and all legal requirements are met. This involves adherence to the required procedures and adherence to the specifications laid down by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to see that the construction staking plan is followed accurately and that all the requirements are met including payment schedules and time periods.


Before a construction surveying company starts work, they first create a draft of the project using computer software programs. The design is reviewed by experts who will look over the design to make sure it is complete. Once all the necessary land survey information is collected, the land surveyor will create a scale drawing of the proposed site. The size of the lot will determine how many workers will need to be employed.


If a property has any built-up plant, then this will need to be measured along with the existing boundaries. The construction staking plan will determine how many workers will be allowed on the job site. Once the site has been surveyed, the land surveyor will be able to calculate the exact area of the construction site and determine if it meets the requirements for the specific type of construction project. If so, then a contract will be created and the land surveyor will oversee the construction process. Once all the required material and equipment has been purchased, then the job is done.

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