Chompie’s brings New York experience to the heart of Phoenix

Chompie’s and JRI Hospitality announced the highly anticipated arrival of the new Chompie’s Deli, Bakery and Restaurant, due to open this summer at 3212 East Cactus Road. About a mile from the Borenstein family’s original Chompie’s Bagel Factory restaurant, which opened in 1979 on 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard, the new location promises residents and neighboring businesses 27,000 square feet of vibrant New York experiences right in the heart of Phoenix.

“We are all very excited to bring Chompie’s back to its old territory and to be part of the revitalization of the area,” says Mark Borenstein, co-founder and owner. “We are so humble to have our loyal customers support and proud of everything the Chompie brand represents to so many – great meal anytime, a feast for the holidays, a dozen bagels to be brought to the office beautiful cake for a celebration or just a really good cup of coffee or a bloody mary to enjoy while hanging out with a long time friend. We want to be part of our customers’ best memories in the years to come. “To do just that, Chompie’s recently welcomed JRI Hospitality as the brand’s investment partner so that the legacy can continue.

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“We are honored to work with the Borenstein family to help Chompie grow and develop further into the future,” said Jason Ingermanson, CEO and President of JRI. “This partnership allows the family to remain an integral part of the day-to-day running of the restaurants as we look for ways to grow the brand that they have worked as hard to build as it is today.”

Together, the concept of the new Chompie’s was envisaged with the intention of enticing diners not only through the traditional delicacies on the east coast of the restaurant, but also through an environment that evokes the energy and ambience of the city that never sleeps Bringing back the Big Apple.

Designed by Sargenti Architects in collaboration with Sixty First Place Architects, the customer experience starts at the New York Market with freshly baked bagels, bread and pastries and merchandise and continues to the barista bar (where Chompie’s will) brew your own coffee and offer one full selection of cold brews, specialty espresso beverages and frozen coffee beverages, deli and bakery counters set against a backdrop of iconic subway tiles and traditional bricks.

The bakery serves as the hub where most of the pastries, bakery, kosher production and packaging for all Chompie freshly baked products are made. Under the direction of Neal Borenstein, co-founder and owner, the brand’s bakery division has expanded significantly to include a wide range of gluten-free and keto-friendly baked goods that can be more heavily included in the menu and in all Chompie offerings, including an online offering component who shipped these coveted baked goods across the country.

After exiting the bakery, guests can enter the restaurant itself via an alley created by a separate building front and center of the market and are greeted with all the glamor and glamor of New York City. With an inviting indoor and outdoor bar with flat screen TVs and an impressive bottle display symbolizing the buildings of New York and the iconic Times Square Ball. The bar and surrounding seating give way to a large dining room with beautiful murals depicting scenes from New York and Broadway, original Broadway posters, and the New York skyline. Private dining rooms between the bar and coffee roastery offer guests additional elegant but casual and comfortable seating, while the expansive terrace depicts New York’s Central Park – full of trees, greenery, twinkling lights and a choice of seating, including dining tables and communal tables and seating in the lounge – invites guests to gather together, relax, and stay for a while.

The new Chompie’s Deli, Bakery and Restaurant replaces the Paradise Valley Mall area of ​​the neighborhood, which will be the center’s last remaining tenant. The restaurant will have a separate entrance from the outside of the mall until it officially closes on Monday 17th May. In the last week, from Sunday 9 May to Monday 17 May, Chompie’s pays homage to this long-standing place, its patrons and the restaurant matriarch Lovey Borenstein with a week-long “Love for Lovey” celebration with a variety of specials.

As the new location prepares for its grand opening, fundraising drives and events will take place to welcome the community and benefit local nonprofits with activities and specials. Details will be announced as the opening day approaches. For more information on all Chompie locations, please visit

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