Border officers in New York are making two large-scale state marijuana assaults

BUFFALO, NY (AP) – Large-scale marijuana seizures along the northern border continued this week. A total of £ 2,500 were discovered in two commercial shipments on the same day, New York authorities said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials at Champlain Junction in north New York discovered more than 1,545 pounds in an incoming truck that was supposedly carrying used rollers. Also on Wednesday, CBP officials found £ 936 on Lewiston Bridge north of Buffalo in a broadcast that manifested itself as a phone accessory.

The combined marijuana had an estimated street value of more than $ 5 million.

The U.S.-Canadian border is closed to most routine crossings due to COVID-19, but commercial traffic between the two countries is allowed.

Agents in Vermont seized more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana in kitchen cabinets in a truck entering the United States in Highgate Springs in late December.

The largest marijuana seizure on the U.S.-Canadian border was recorded last June, when agents in Buffalo seized about £ 9,500.

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