Barbados due in New York courtroom

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A New York judge could potentially soon have another bartender in this attorney’s court responding to money laundering charges that have also been convicted of former island minister Donville Inniss.

A New York court found Inniss guilty in January of two cases of money laundering and a conspiracy to commit money laundering as a result of bribes from a Barbados insurance company based in Bermuda.

During the trial in New York’s Eastern District District Court, authorities indicated that two company officers, the Insurance Corporation of Barbados, Alex Tasker and Ingrid Innes, were co-conspirators to pay between 2015 and 2016 for the then government minister Used $ 36,000 to use his authority to ensure the company’s million dollar contract with a state-owned company under Inniss’ ministerial portfolio is renewed.

The US Attorney’s Office alleged that he and the executives conspired to hide the payment by having the money transferred to a New York dental company and then through a series of wire transfers to his bank account.

The American authorities had requested the Barbados government to extradite Tasker on charges of money laundering and money laundering conspiracy. The island’s attorney general accepted the request and issued an arrest warrant for Tasker on Monday. As usual in such cases, he was then drawn to a court hearing.

US authorities are expected to conduct similar proceedings against Innes, who is reported to be a Guyanese-Canadian citizen who has settled in Canada.

The court placed Tasker on $ 100,000 bail, confiscated his travel documents, and ordered him to reappear on Jan. 12.

But Tasker’s senior attorney among his attorneys, Andrew Pilgrim, made it known that his client was going nowhere without a fight, claiming that it was a large, powerful country harassing tiny Barbados.

“I am always amazed when a person like Donald Trump and the United States of America come into our little country and say to us, ‘Go and imprison your citizens. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t shown them anything yet; you go and lock her up. ‘Go to her house at 3:30 am and take her to court,’ he said.

“What’s so special about Alex Tasker, who lived in Barbados his entire life so that for whatever reason they could now bring five year old charges? I don’t know if it’s because Mr. Inniss is slipping through your fingers up there, ”Pilgrim asked, indicating that the convicted Inniss might escape jail time.

Meanwhile, Inniss, awaiting bail and sentencing in April, announced to Barbados media houses that he wishes Tasker well.

At the same time, however, he stated: “I am not distracted by the fact that I am not a defendant on Barbados court issues. I continue to focus on addressing the injustices I have encountered in the United States. I was not bribed by anyone or any company in Barbados or elsewhere and I will continue to fight these allegations and beliefs. “

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