“Are you able to think about James Harden’s life-style in New York?”: Invoice Simmons explains why he’s skeptical in regards to the Brooklyn Nets getting the beard

Bill Simmons asks if the networks have given up too much to bring a “disinterested” James Harden to New York City.

Wrestler founder Bill Simmons had nothing nice to say about James Harden during his last podcast appearance. He recently appeared on the Ryen Russillo podcast, where he talked about the Nets blockbuster deal for James Harden.

For starters, Bill is definitely not a Harden fan, as he has spent most of the segment criticizing his body. He also believes Harden has no interest in basketball and will be poorly represented in the nets’ locker room.

Among other things, Bill had explicitly pointed out Harden’s preference for strip clubs. He jokingly asked if James Harden could revolutionize the strip club industry in New York. Harden is not a conventional athlete as he makes no attempt to protect his personal life. This has resulted in him being the subject of several NSFW jokes. Among his many questionable habits,

Yesterday, NBA team GMs put together packages to attract James Harden … Strip club GMs are doing the same thing today.

– Jacoby (@djacoby) January 14, 2021


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Will James Harden’s lavish lifestyle affect the Brooklyn Nets?

James Harden’s lifestyle has not had a massive impact on his game so far. Hence, nothing is likely to change when he’s in Brooklyn.

Even so, he was fined by the league for violating COVID-19 protocols after he was spotted at a Houston strip club. In any case, he must be careful not to interfere with the networks.

Harden himself began participating in the strip club discourse after discovering he liked a meme about Houston strippers who miss him. This may seem humorous to the average fan, but strip club owners in Brooklyn have taken notice. It will definitely be interesting to see which Brooklyn strip clubs capture James Harden’s heart.

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It will also be interesting to see if James Harden’s popularity with rappers gives him access to VIP treatment. If there’s one thing NBA fans know for sure, it’s that James Harden is always at the forefront of his game. We sincerely hope that Harden will benefit both the economy and the basketball franchise Brooklyn has to offer.

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