A real housewife is hardly probably the most attention-grabbing outsider to run for New York mayor

Barbara Kavovit, the Bronx-born construction company who appeared on season 11 of The Real Housewives of New York, announced today that it will submit a bid for the Mayor of New York City. Kavovit, the author of three books including Heels of Steel, a novel published by Harlequin, joins a crowded field that includes political insiders and outsiders, but to date no reality TV stars.

The jump from entertainment to Big Apple politics isn’t as unlikely as it sounds. Some of New York City’s best theaters are revitalized every four years as political hopefuls jump onto the campaign stages to audition for the role of mayor. Along with the required scenes – a Nathan hot dog enjoyed on the Coney Island boardwalk, an “open” shot on the subway – contestants will try their best lines to prove they have the properties that are required to run a city full of characters.

The upcoming race, in which Mayor Bill de Blasio cannot compete due to term restrictions, promises to be particularly dramatic. A retired police officer / current district president takes on a former Marine, top banker, meek controller, former de Blasio adjutant, tech CEO, and many others.

But before Kavovit and the candidates feel too comfortable in the soap box, they should visit the ghosts of past mayoral campaigns.

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