A glamping tent in Bearsville, New York

There is a glamping tent in Bearsville, New York that puts all other glamping tents to shame. The scenic setup is set in more than two acres of award-winning gardens, making it the newest Airbnb to earn our “Dream Rental” title. Check out a new installment in House Beautiful’s Dream Rentals series with our host Kirby Porterfield.

The tent – known as Glamping in Garden Paradise on Airbnb – is about 14 by 16 feet and sits on property designed by landscape architect and designer Gayle Burbank. Inside you will find a queen size bed and dresser. The room is equipped with a small fridge and freezer, a Weber charcoal grill, lighting, coffee, bathroom accessories and WiFi. A small table with seating allows dining indoors. In the cooler months, space heaters, endless blankets and a heated mattress pad make the room particularly cozy.

The inside of the glamping tent.

House beautiful

Outside the sleeping area there is a table and chairs where you can do your work or enjoy a meal. A fence surrounding the tent provides a little extra security – especially for anyone who wants to bring a pet with them for the trip. And visitors should feel comfortable outdoors: the bathroom of the rental property consists of a private outbuilding and a solar-powered shower that is only covered by the sky. There is a fireplace with plenty of seating just around the corner from the tent.

Solar powered outdoor shower near the glamping tent.

Gayle Burbank / Airbnb

Outbuilding near the glamping tent.

Gayle Burbank / Airbnb

Guests can use the other facilities of the property further away from the tent, including the shared outdoor pool and screened gazebo. The large garden is ideal for walking with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. What better way to appreciate nature than by hiking through it? About 15 minutes from the property is Cooper Lake, a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The shared pool on the property.

Gayle Burbank / Airbnb

The screened pavilion on the property.

Gayle Burbank / Airbnb

Porterfield, our host, rates this Airbnb 12 out of 12 solar powered showers. It’s an idyllic place for a solo escape or a getaway with a significant other. You can book a two-night minimum stay for USD 225 per night. This rental is really what glamping dreams are made of!

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