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Bohemia NY - A Small Town With Big Ideas

Apr 9

Bohemia NY is a small town that's known for its affordable housing, easy access to Manhattan, and diverse residents. It's home to a population of about 10,180 people, and it is located along the South Shore of Long Island in Suffolk County. Learn more about Newhouse Restoration here.

Bohemian culture in New York City dates back to the 1840s, when the French writer Henri Murger popularized the term "Bohemianism" in his semi-autobiographical play and book La Vie de la Boheme. Today, bohemians are a part of the cultural fabric of Lower Manhattan and many other parts of the New York City metropolitan area.

In the 1850s, Bohemians moved from their native Czechoslovakia to the United States in search of freedom from the Hapsburg regime. They migrated to areas such as western Long Island and Brooklyn, before settling in what became the town of Bohemia in Suffolk County.

This community is still a vibrant one today, with a wide range of cultural activities and events held throughout the year. The town's Czech National Hall is a historic landmark that is open to the public and offers Czech food, language classes, and other cultural programs.

The Connetquot River State Park is a large greenspace that's popular with many residents in Bohemia, and offers up to 50 miles of hiking and nature trails for outdoor recreation. The town is also close to Fire Island, a barrier island that's popular with water sports enthusiasts and boasts beaches, forests, and wetlands.

There are a number of daycare centers in Bohemia, New York that provide children with a safe and nurturing environment. These centers can help your kids learn coping and social skills, develop friendships with other kids, and build their education in an engaging environment.

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