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Integrated Transport Hub at Tampines North Station provides the highest level of accessibility

Nov 15

Tenet EC is an established estate offering a variety of services accessible on walking, including the cafe, the polyclinic, as well as an education center. It is located at Tampines street 62. (Parcel A).

Find the place that best meets the needs of your family members as well as the members of your immediate families. Tenet EC is a possible location where friends and families get to get together. Whatever your work-from-home or office at a place from home, what you're searching for may be found in a place that allows you to relax. Finding a location to work or study is simple.

Tenet EC might be among the first or next business to be a part of this alliance. In 2022 the alliance could become fully operational. Tenet EC was first publicized on February 20, 2022.

Due to its location to Tampines North MRT Station, Tenet EC is one of the most sought-after choices for those who are looking to purchase an apartment. The brand new MRT station is situated near several shops that include Ikea's Giant Food Centre in addition to and COURTS, a massive store that is operated by IKEA.

Potential for Utilization to promote capital growth
Buy directly from the developer is essential in the event that you plan to sell your house in order to increase the amount of money you can spend on it or to fund other opportunities to invest. Buy it for a very low cost , and then sell it right away.

The area of North Tampines Town is secure and well-maintained. Residents are active and productive within their community, but they also have the option to enjoy the peaceful environment. Tampines North Hub offers its residents many amenities and services.

It is planned for Tampines North Hub to become an official hub in the very near future. Tampines North Station Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that offers the highest level of accessibility and mobility throughout the islands.

The business support service is offered by the renowned Tampines Regional Centre, Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre and Tampines North Station.