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4 Tips to Save Money on 4 kinds of food

Nov 8

Catering can be quite overwhelming, particularly for clients who are new. Whether your company is ordering for a meeting or you're newly engaged and organizing your wedding, there are ways to simplify catering needs and save money while doing it. With literally hundreds of options for food, spanning dozens of menus it's difficult to determine where to start. We thought it might be beneficial to provide easy, yet efficient, methods we can assist.

Understanding the various catering styles is a good way to start. Each type of catering has its own pricing and ordering requirements. If you can narrow your search to one of these, it will help simplify your menu choices, while also saving you time and money when placing an order. These are the primary types of catering you should consider:


While we are all familiar with catering for weddings, we can also bet that the food served makes an enormous impact on the wedding day. You want everyone to enjoy your wedding day starting with the groom and bride to the guests who are special guests. Decorations, dinner, dessert and the drinks to be served are just part of the preparation.


The possibility of having delicious food delivered to your premises saves you time and cash. This lets you focus on the most important task, your business. Continental breakfasts as well as buffets and box lunches are all popular for catering for corporate events.


Social events include everything from birthday and retirement parties to large backyard barbecues. The kind of events that are held could include balloons, bartenders, and food items.


This category includes events that are sporting, major public events, and other seasonal events. You will always find catering services in areas with lots of people. To organize these events, you have to be an expert. You will find everything you can think of as crowd-pleasing from hamburgers and hot dogs to chili cheese fries, and Ice cream.

Let's now talk about ways to save money once you've decided on the category you want to go with. Remember that you have complete control of what you purchase. It's not difficult, is it? However, with all the options available, it's easy to overlook your budget and end up spending more food than you could afford (or could consume!). These four tips will allow the caterer to cut down on time and cost while selecting food for your party. It is important to keep these tips in mind while placing your next order.

  1. It is important to know the number of people you are serving. This is the most important element that determines the cost of catering. You would be surprised by the number of people who try to make a reservation when they don't know how many people are attending. It is crucial to know how many people are coming before you call for an estimate. This will help you budget for your needs and avoid making unnecessary changes.

  2. Choose the Delivery Method - a lot of people think that catering can only be delivered only in one manner, but a professional caterer will provide you with up to four different options for having your food delivered. These include:

    • Pick up: You pick up your food from the catering company's premises. This isn't as popular but it can be a way to cut costs in delivery costs or to save time when you require your food urgently.

    • Drop off: This is a popular choice, particularly for corporate events and social occasions. The caterer will deliver food items in containers that are disposable (foil pans or coffee boxes).

    • Real Display: This option is great for buffets and banquets. The caterer will set up the tables and serve food, which includes glasses, linens, and tableware.

    • Full Service: You will get your food prepared by a professional and cooked right on-site!

  3. How Can You Enhance Your Event - Think of them as "optional or upgraded items" that you can enhance your event. This may seem to be something minor in the planning process however, it's a necessity for caterers who are professional. Enhancements may include linen, decorations, china, servers as well as on-site chefs, bartenders DJs, and many other things.

  4. Be aware of your budget before you Place Your Order - While this is often the first thing you may think about, it's often the last thing to be figured out. Most caterers' pricing is determined based on the basis of a dollar-per-person pricing model. It is simple to determine your budget simply by dividing the sum you want to spend by the number of guests. This number will allow you to make more money than you can from the caterer.

Remember, professional caterers in Belleville IL, are artists and also employees. We would love nothing more than to serve you incredible food that will fit your event and your budget. The more details we can gather the better job we're able to do. The way we prefer it to be known: Great food, Great Service, Stress-Free.


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