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What Is a Bump Key and How Can It Be Used For Breaking Into Homes

Nov 1

Have you ever heard of a bump key? This is a relatively unknown tool that can be used for breaking into homes. A bump key is a key that has been filed down so that it can be used to open any lock. It is inserted into the lock and then "bumped" with a hammer, which causes the pins inside the lock to move and unlock it. In this blog post, we will discuss how a bump key works and how you can protect your home from being burglarized using one!

Bump keys are not a new invention and have been around for decades. They were originally used by locksmiths as a way to open locks in emergency situations quickly, but they have now become more widely available and are being used by criminals for illegal activities such as breaking into homes.

So how can you protect your home from bump key attacks? One way is to make sure all of your locks are high-security, pick-resistant models that cannot be easily bumped open. You can also use deadbolts in addition to regular door locks for added protection. And remember always to keep your keys safe and never lend them out!

While bump keys can be a scary thought, being aware of their existence and taking preventive measures can go a long way in keeping your home and belongings secure.

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