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Aug 19

6 Reasons Why Business use Corporate Gifts

Although it's difficult to quantify the return on investment (ROI) for corporate gifts in detail, we can say the positive results. It is known that the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has conducted a series of surveys regarding this issue and has always observed positive effects. In this article we'll look at the top six reasons you should use promotional items in your next campaign.

Brand recognition

In a crowded marketplace making yourself stand out from the crowd is an advantage that few people would overlook. Promotional items or Corporate Gifts are a simple and efficient way to increase the recognition and visibility of your brand. Gifts that are branded, and which your consumers use daily can help keep your business at the forefront of their minds. For instance, mugs with logos can be more effective than television and radio ads 57% of respondents could remember the brand's name on a coffee mug, which is compared to 30 percent for radio ads and 29 percent for T.V.

Lasting impression

Who wouldn't want their potential or client to leave with an impression of positivity about your business? Your company's appearance is crucial and you would not like to be ignored since your competition appeared to be more positive. Research has shown that 53 percent of the time, promotional products give positive impressions of the advertiser. The more favorable the customer's are about your business and the better the probability of them recommending the company as well as an increased likelihood of them patronizing the company.

Exposure to repeated exposure

One in five customers will dispose of an unwanted promotional item, and sixty-three percent of customers give away promotional items they don't want to keep. The average consumer keeps promotional items in the range of 6.6 months. This means that promotional items provide a longer period of exposing your company's name. In contrast to other forms of advertising, like radio, tv or online ads are limited to specific time frames however, promotional gifts surpass this timeframe in a significant way, and can boost efficiency of the marketing campaign significantly.

Customer loyalty

Establishing relationships with your clients is a key element to a successful business. Promotional items are a great method of building loyalty among your customers, since everybody loves receiving presents. Gifts that are innovative and useful are sure to keep your customers satisfied regardless of whether it's an end of sale present or one for a trade event. Happy customers and potential clients are the purpose of every business do you think?

Synergy with other forms of marketing

The most common mistake is to simply distribute promotional products and hope that sales to increase. Like all other methods of marketing promotional items require careful preparation and execution. If done correctly, they yield massive outcomes. They're ideal for creating awareness and loyalty campaigns They also do wonders at trade exhibitions. However, we've recently seen businesses effectively use them to increase sales to increase productivity launch of new products and retail promotions, among many numerous other. There are many options to choose from.

Create value

The purchase of fully customized corporate gifts in Singapore that bring brand recognition, make an impression that is positive about your company, build trust with your clients and continue to do this for an extended period and provide a tremendous value. If you consider that the majority of promotional products are affordable and will work with any marketing strategy you employ The value increases. Not just for your business, the majority of these practical items are used every day by consumers, showing they have value as well.

We have it. Corporate gift ideas, when executed correctly, can boost your marketing efforts to a great extent. They'll keep your brand at the forefront of the minds of your customers, build an image that is positive on their minds, and encourage loyalty. However, there are some things to watch for. In the next installment we'll look at the risks of promotional items, what could go wrong, what could go wrong, and what can be effective.