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What Are The Benefits Cleaning Air Ducts?

Jul 28

The benefits of duct cleaning are well-known to homeowners in the United States. Many homeowners think of vent duct cleaning as a home cleaning service, like cleaning floors, carpets, siding, gutters, and cleaning out the gutters. It's not a good comparison. A home's air ducts are very similar to the human respiratory system. A person who isn't getting adequate ventilation (i.e. A respirator is required for anyone who is not receiving adequate ventilation (i.e. oxygen). Our families were made aware of this when COVID-19 patients became critically ill.

Our heating and cooling systems also require proper ventilation to work properly. The system's performance will be affected if there are any obstructions in the ductwork. It is important to understand why homeowners choose the best air duct cleaning service to clean their homes' air ducts. Both residential and commercial property owners need to understand the main benefits of maintaining clean air vents.

They Get Dirty (National Air Duct Cleaners Association).

NADCA states that ductwork should be cleaned because they accumulate dirt over time. This dirt will build up in the conditioned space, creating a visible dusty film at the vent registers. You can quickly clean up this dirt, but what about the dust that becomes airborne? It is unlikely that you will notice it unless your allergies are to dust. However, dust and dirt will continue circulating throughout your living space.

People would be surprised to learn that new construction houses require ventilation cleaning. Many building materials, such as sheetrock and wooden boards, need to be cut and moved into place when a new home is built. This can result in a lot of dust, dirt, and wood particles being released into the air and can cause problems with ventilation. The installer will still need to use a portable table saw to cut laminate flooring. This will create a lot of wood dust. While they will try to position a fan in a room, some sawdust will still remain. Any external particles created during construction will be safely removed by cleaning the air conditioner ducts.

Hughes Environmental claims, though it is not confirmed, that an average American home will produce 40 lbs. Each year, there are 40 lbs. of dust. Stanley Steemer, an air duct cleaning company claims that 400.000 dust mites can survive on just one ounce of dust. This is potentially 640,000 dust mites per annum. Your vacuum should be able to take care of this, but that is not the case. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, dust particles can range in size from 0.02 to over 100 microns. To give you an idea of what a micron is, it is roughly 0.00004 inches. This is very tiny and dust particles can easily get into your home's ductwork and, over time, accumulate.

Mold around Air Conditioning Vents

Mold can also build up within your HVAC system's ductwork. It may surprise homeowners to learn that mold can grow in your home's air ducts. It is amazing that the air ducts are constantly circulating throughout the year. But mold can still grow in this environment. It's not easy to get rid of mold from your bathroom. Mold does not simply grow on the surface. Warm air and moisture are two factors that can lead to mold growth in your ductwork. If you live in humid climates, this can make it more difficult to prevent moisture from building up in your ductwork. Mold can grow in humid environments, which can lead to mold growth that can then breed particles that are blown back into your conditioned space.


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