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How To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

Jul 28

Spring is upon us and homeowners are going through their clothes to determine which items are in good shape and which ones are not. You will find that your clothes still feel damp after you have done loads of laundry. Your head starts to ring with alarms, thinking your ten-year-old electric dryer must be replaced. This problem could be due to a blocked dryer vent. The heat is not being expelled properly, resulting in damp clothes. Ironically, your good deed may have saved your home and your life.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), clothes dryers cause 15,600 fires each year, resulting in 15 deaths and more than 100 million dollars of damages. It is highly recommended to clean out the dryer vent at least once a month. This will extend its life expectancy and reduce the risk of fire. This will allow the heat to escape properly and enable the safe use of a dryer at home. If you are a DIY-oriented person, cleaning your dryer vent is easy. You will need to maneuver the dryer vent, get a bit dirty and use a Shop-Vac(r). It is a good idea to contact a local company that can clean dryer vents. They will be able to do the job at a reasonable price.

Locating Your Dryer Vent

It is located right next to or behind the clothes dryer. Problems arise when the dryer vent is longer, such as in an apartment loft or duplex. The hose will connect to a PVC chimney pipe that exhausts heat around the perimeter of the building. We will concentrate on dryer vent cleaning in single-family homes, where the flexible metal conduit is shorter and connects to the dryer cap outside.

Locate the dryer vent and unplug the power. Make sure to not disturb the gas line. Most clothes dryers will be able to pull out the gas line if it is flexible enough. Stop pulling out your dryer if the flex pipe is too long. Make the most of the space available to clean the dryer vent. It's now time to disconnect the dryer duct from the wall.

Clothes Dryer

Vacuum the area where the dryer was attached before cleaning the duct. To remove lint or dust from areas that the vacuum hose cannot reach, you can use a cloth or a brush. Once you are done with the dryer's back, remove the lint trap and vacuum the area. You will often find hair, dust, and other lint that can build up in your dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

Once your appliance has been cleaned, it is time to clean the dryer vent. A dryer vent cleaning brush has become a popular tool for homeowners to clean the dryer vent walls. This flexible rod can attach to any power drill and will allow you to loosen any undesirable elements from your dryer duct. The bristles should not be too stiff. They could damage the dryer vent and cause costly repairs. This brush should not be used on the flexible metal conduit attached to your appliance. This brush is much more flexible than the dryer vent and can easily puncture a hole in your dryer, causing problems with dryer performance. These tools are very useful, but be careful not to cause any damage. A household vacuum could also be used to clean the dryer vent pipe.

Dryer Vent Cap

Like dust and lint that builds up inside a house, it can also build up around the dryer vent cap. Sometimes, a cakey block or clump of lint can completely block the dryer vent's heat. It is not surprising that your clothes remain damp even after multiple cycles of drying.

Vacuum around the exterior of the house until you remove the cap. Remove the cap from the outside of the house and clean it out. This is especially important in a home with many girls, where long hairs can get into the dryer vent and cause it to blow out. After removing all unwanted elements from the area, check the vent cap to see if it is necessary to replace it. The dryer vent caps protect your dryer vent from rodents and birds. Now it is time to attach the vent cap.

Inspect Your Dryer Duct for Damage

You were already in the area, and you had to maneuver a vacuum cleaner or dryer vent cleaning tool through the ductwork. Now it is time to inspect for damage. It would be easiest to puncture the foil flexible duct. A thorough inspection of the entire hose would ensure that it is intact. The performance of your clothes dryer can be affected by even the smallest hole. After the inspection is completed, it's time to put the dryer back together and turn it on.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning clothes dryer vents can be difficult if the path leading to the outside of your residence is too long or difficult to reach. Sometimes, the dryer vent may lead to the roof or the side of buildings two to three stories higher. It is recommended that you hire a dryer vent cleaning company. They will take care of all the necessary work and ensure that your dryer exhausts heat correctly. They will also use a combination of ultra-sensitive brushes and air blowing to ensure that no ductwork is damaged.

Roof Dryer Vent Clean

The service technician will need access to the roof if the dryer vent is vented to the ceiling. In case of an emergency, make sure you are dealing with an insured dryer vent cleaning company. Once the worker has gained access to your roof, the dryer must be turned on in order to locate the correct vent. There may be multiple vents on the roof. You want to make sure the right one is cleaned. Once you locate the vent, the tabs will fall down so the dryer vent can be removed. Remember to turn on the dryer to blow out the dust and lint from the home. The technician will then use a combination of air pressure and sensitive brushes to remove the lint from the dryer duct wall. The dryer is on so the dust will blow outside.


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