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There are four common materials for refinishing your cabinet

Jun 18

There are four common materials for refinishing your cabinet

Cabinet refinishing is a key task in any kitchen remodel. Cabinet refinishing can make kitchen cabinets last as long as 50 years. You will be removing the outer layer, and replacing the hardware with refacing to create a clean, modern look. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing can be used for restoration projects. Below is a description of the materials used and the process for refacing.

1. PVC Vinyl Cabinet

PVC is one of the most cost-effective materials for cabinet refinishing. PVC is very affordable and easy to install. This reduces costs further as there is very little labor involved. They are not susceptible to termites, moisture, rotting, or rot, unlike wood.

Their greatest drawback is their inability to resist scratches. PVC Vinyl may warp in direct sunlight or heat.

2. Refacing with Wood

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing is a big user of wood. It is warm and rustic, making it stand out in a modern kitchen's interior. You can also choose from mahogany or cherry as well as oak and maple.

Wood is susceptible to rot if exposed to excessive moisture. A conversion varnish can be used to protect wooden cabinets. This coating is impervious to water and chemical substances.

3. Medium Density Fiberboard MDF

MDF, a relatively new material, is being used in many home renovation projects. It is made from pressure-coating layers of wood particles with resin and then bonding them together with another resin. This produces a uniform, durable material that is free of inconsistencies.

MDF is the ideal material for any application where paint might be required in the future. It is completely free of grain patterns that could ruin the consistency and adhesion of paint. MDF doesn't change in shape due to temperature changes, unlike wood. It is more susceptible to mold if exposed to too much moisture. It also has a shorter lifespan than products made from pure wood.

4. Rigid Thermofoil

The Rigid Thermofoil product is a derivative from the medium density fiberboard. It is MDF, bonded with a vinyl under pressure. RTF, which is similar to wood, is a popular choice for homeowners seeking Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing.

Replacing Hardware

It is important to consider the condition of the hardware when deciding on materials. If you are refinishing cabinets, you might need to replace door hinges, drawer pulls, or other fixtures.

You can opt for slow-closing hinges to ensure safety and prevent any accidents. You can also use decorative trims or moldings to create dramatic refacing.

For a more secluded atmosphere, accessories like lighting may be a good idea. Are you looking for additional storage options in your kitchen? Do you think adding glass panels to your kitchen is a viable option? These are the types of questions to ask Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing before making a call.

Choose the right Kansas City Refacing Material

The materials you choose for cabinet refinishing depend on the use of your kitchen and your aesthetic preferences. PVC is inexpensive and easy to put in, but it may be more appealing to you to have the natural look of wood veneer. To help you understand the options, you can consult a Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing expert. Better Than New Kitchens is available for more information.


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