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5 RUG CLEANING Tips From The Pros

May 12

5 RUG CLEANING Tips From The Pros

How long ago was the last time your large-area rugs were cleaned? Recently? Ever? Rug cleaning is vital to maintain the best look of your rugs.

Rugs are chosen by many people for their distinctive decorative qualities, making them difficult to replace. High-quality rugs can also be expensive so it's important to consider them as a major investment in the home. They can also be a family heirloom or prized possession.

To preserve the appearance of area rugs and to increase their longevity, it is crucial that they are treated with the greatest care. Expert rug cleaning should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity.

You can protect your rugs and make your home as comfortable as possible by cleaning them properly. Our rug cleaning in Arlington specialists is sharing five simple steps to maintain your rugs in their best condition.

Step 1: Be vigilant about your air filters

Although you may not be aware of it, your rugs are very effective at trapping dirt and dust in the air and keeping it from spreading throughout your home. Your HVAC system can be made to work less by changing the filters regularly. If these filters are properly maintained, there will be fewer dirt and dust particles that land on or become impacted in your rug.

Step 2 - Don't treat your rug like a mat.

Doormats serve a purpose. They prevent dirt from being tracked in the home. You can reduce the dirt that gets in contact with your rugs by installing indoor and outdoor mats.

Most people provide a place for family and friends to wipe their shoes before they enter their home. However, you can make it more personal by asking them to remove their shoes entirely. This is a practice that is very common in many cultures. It's because shoes can carry all kinds of harmful and unpleasant substances from outside into your living space.

Step 3: Vacuum at minimum once per week

Vacuuming your rugs is a great way to avoid dirt and dust particles from building up. This will also extend their lives and make it easier to vacuum them. Vacuuming can help improve your home's overall cleanliness and health. Be sure to check your vacuum bag or filter before you start this chore. You could lose your efforts.

Step 4: Treat stains properly

Stains are something to be afraid of, especially for those with children and pets. It can be a great way to save yourself from pain and suffering later.

Stains should be dealt with immediately. Waiting will cause the stain to become more difficult to remove. Do not rub the stain. You can instead gently rub the stain with a towel or a piece of white cloth. Colored cloths can cause dye transfer. A professional rug cleaning company is the best choice for any stubborn stains.

Step 5: Conduct a yearly deep cleaning

Professional cleaning should be done once a calendar year for rugs that have dirt or dust deep in the fibers. This will remove the dirt and dust which cannot be removed with a vacuum. You should choose a rug cleaner that uses steam cleaning instead of traditional methods.

Arlington Carpet Cleaners understands that harsh detergents and excessive moisture can damage delicate fibers and dyes. Our innovative rug cleaning method uses carbonation to give a remarkable clean without any of the downsides of steaming.

The process is called Hot Carbonating Extract (HCE) and leaves your rug looking clean, fresh, and ready to use in less than an hour. HCE doesn't use as much water as steam cleaning. This means that carpets won't take too long to dry and detergents that stick to the fibers will not attract dirt. You can also choose from a range of stain-removal options or a protective package to improve your rug's resistance.


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