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Apr 23

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? It seems like only yesterday that we were ringing the new year and are now in the midst of Spring.

The chaos brought on by the COVID-19 virus outbreak has made it easy to forget about your trees. After many of us have adjusted to the new "normal", many people, both residential and business, are calling us to schedule their tree trimming DC and pruning appointments for spring and summer.

It is important to remember that not all trees should be pruned during winter. Give us a call if you have any questions about pruning and trimming your trees. Washington Tree Solution in Washington gives all customers the information they need in order to make informed decisions for their properties. If you aren't looking for tree services before winter, we will let you know.

Many trees look best when they are trimmed and pruned during the summer. Let's discuss some reasons. Get a free estimate for trees that need to be cut before fall.



It doesn't really matter if your business is a homeowner or commercial. The last thing you want is someone being hurt or a car getting damaged from a fallen tree branch. Washington sees a lot of snow each year. By now you might be used to your trees looking a little worse after the thaw.

But winter is not the only time your trees could be affected by the elements. Summer storm damage may also cause branches to weaken and fall in unpredictable ways. As the weather warms up and we experience more severe storms, make sure you inspect your trees for signs of damage. Our team can also be called for a post-storm inspection.


As we have discussed, safety isn’t the only reason to call a professional tree service provider after your trees have been damaged. For the good of your tree, you should have any dead limbs removed as soon as possible. Rot and disease are the two most common problems that can result from leaving dead or damaged branches in place for too many years. Get help as soon as you notice them!


We've already talked about the negative effects of trimming your trees. But what about the positive things? We won't get into the weeds but trees are most healthy when the whole organism can grow together. Trees can become stressed if certain limbs are not regularly trimmed and pruned. This could lead to them becoming more resource-constrained and ultimately compromising their overall health. While it may seem counterintuitive that trimming and pruning trees will stimulate growth, we believe you'll be able to notice a difference.


You don't want unsightly branches to be the first thing that guests, friends, employees, and potential customers see on their property. While you can do some tree trimming or pruning on your own you may end up causing long-term problems. Many tree trimming and pruning appointments around this time of the year are due to good intentions. Don't pay a professional tree company to make a mistake. Let us help you make sure it is done correctly the first and last time.

You can request a free estimate for your business or home by filling out the form on our Contact page. We offer full licensing, bonding, and insurance in Washington and the surrounding. No matter the condition of your trees when you call, we will make sure they look their best.

We look forward to speaking with you.


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