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Solid Beams Vs. Box Beams

Feb 2

Solid Beams Vs. Box Beams

You will likely have to decide whether you want to include solid beams or box beams in your custom home. These are some points to think about when making this choice.


Solid beams let you choose whether you want a rustic or antiqued appearance, or a more clean-lined, transitional look. The best thing about using solid beams for spaces that require long beams is the fact that there will be no seams. A timber/beam manufacturer must assemble box beams. These planks can only be made in certain lengths. They are typically between 14' and 16'. While a highly skilled carpenter or painter can mask the seam by matching grain and staining, it's usually still visible if you close your eyes. However, mitered edges seams can be hidden if the manufacturer or carpenter is skilled.

Box beams lend themselves to a more clean-lined and transitional design aesthetic. Box beams are the ideal choice if you want the beam to be painted rather than stained. They don't have grain matching and can be made from a more economical wood species. You can achieve an antiqued and hand-hewn look by choosing solid beams over box beams. People who desire antique-looking beams for building a custom home usually choose solid beams.


Solid beams in remodels and renovations are rarely an option because the existing structure is not built to support the added weight of solid woods. You can use box beams in most renovations as they are decorative and not structural. However, solid beams are both decorative and structural. Douglas Fir is the type of solid timber most well-known for its strength. Sometimes, box beams are used to wrap structural components such as a steel beam or Glulam. In these cases, box beams can also be custom-milled so that they match solid beams. This is especially useful when electrical chases or plumbing must be hidden within a beam.

In humid areas, such as Houston, Texas, box beams should be used only for interior purposes. Solid beams can also be used indoors or outdoors. Temperature changes and moisture in Houston's humid climate may cause expansion, cupping, and separation at the ends or edges of box beams.


If you are looking for interior decorative beams that will be cost-effective, paintbox beams. Even if stained is what you want, box beams can be saved money if they are built by skilled trim carpenters. But make sure you consult your custom builders to ensure that they are proficient at mitering edges as well as masking seams. Solid timbers, even though they are more expensive, will give you a rustic and antiqued appearance.

When you are considering solid beams or box beams for your home, the best thing is to speak with your architect, custom builder, and interior designer. Your custom builder will advise you on the cost and availability of solid timbers, wrapped beam planking, and how their trim carpenters can create a solid beam appearance in a box beam application. Your custom builder should serve as a trusted advisor, advocate, and resource for you and your family throughout this process. If you are searching for the best Texas Home Builders, Cedar Park Home Remodels is the best option for you.


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