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Joe Maracic - Artist & Cartoonist

Jan 5

From Long Island To Croatia

Joe Maracic hails from Long Island, New York, and is a fine artist and cartoonist. Summers spent with his parents in their cherished homeland of Croatia served as a source of early inspiration. Joe has fond memories of his summers in Croatia, and his artwork portrays the beauty of his parents' birthplace. Many of Joe's early oil paintings were inspired by his summers spent along the Adriatic Sea and the nearby islands of Krk and Losinj. His paintings are still influenced by the rocky Adriatic shore, its islands, and local scenery.

Joe Maracic Oil Painting

Early On

Joe's passion for painting was evident from on. His creative career began when he was four years old, when his mother gave him a set of crayons. He began with sketching Garfield, but soon went on painting landscapes and portraits. As a youngster, Joe packed his drawing supplies inside a briefcase and carried it about with him everywhere he went, including family weddings and gatherings. He drew everything, everything, and everywhere he went with his sketchbook in hand, sketching cartoons and drawing from life.

By the age of seven, he was enrolled in the Roslyn School of Painting, where he studied under Charles Pasqualina, a well-known portrait painter. He got accepted to New York City's Parsons Summer Studies Program when he was fifteen years old. Joe earned his bachelor's degree in 1998 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

Joe Maracic
Joe Maracic


Joe The Fine Artist And Cartoonist

Joe's oil painting style is a mix of realism and impressionism. Painterly attention to light, color, and mood may be seen in his work. Some of the artists who influence him are Monet, Mihanovic, and Banksy. In his sea and sky paintings, he gives special attention to the color of the water and sky. Joe's Croatia series captures the spirit of the Adriatic Sea's light and color.

Joe Maracic's work has been featured in a variety of solo and group exhibitions. In the Croatian Consulate in New York, his oil paintings were on exhibit. Joe's cartoons have shown on television, at sporting events (he is a huge Mets and Islanders fan), and on social media. In private and corporate collections, his original paintings, cartoons, and limited edition prints are proudly exhibited.

Joe has been the Creative Director of LoudEgg Creative Agency for over two decades. Bringing his art experience into the digital realm has given each project he's worked on a distinct flavor. Joe partnered with MaxPlaces, a New York-based digital marketing firm, in the summer of 2021.

Joe, AnnaMaria, and their children Lia and Scarlett live on Long Island, New York.

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