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5 Types of Metal Roofing Materials – Pros & Con

Nov 19

5 Types of Metal Roofing Materials – Pros & Con


The term metal roof may immediately bring to mind steel but it can also refer to many other materials. Depending on the location and your surroundings, choosing the right type of material will determine which route you should take. Although an aluminum roof is good for preventing rust from coastal areas, it can often be less durable than other materials. Greenville Roofing Masters metals such as copper, zinc, and steel each have their own advantages and drawbacks.


Pros and cons to copper roofing 


Copper roofs, the "grandfather" in metal roofing, have been around for millennia. Copper is a long-lasting metal and can survive for well over 200 years if the right conditions are met. Copper roofs can be 100% recycled, making them a great choice for green roofs.


Types of Steel Roofs – Metal Roofing Materials


Copper is one of the best metal roofing materials because it is very soft. All metal roofing uses insulation and substrates that are suitable for hail and rain. Copper roofing is more vulnerable to hail damage due to its softness. Copper, being a softer metal, will be easily damaged by hailstones. It may have a lower aesthetic value than copper, but it still outperforms other metals. Large hailstones can penetrate roofs and not just damage them.


Copper roofs make Range Rovers out of their class, but metal roofs make SUVs. This highlights the obvious drawback of copper. It is very expensive, just like the Range Rover. And depending on what you need, it may cost more than necessary to accomplish the task. Copper's natural tendency to shrink and expand according to temperature is another drawback. It can be controlled by the use of the right panel and shingle but it is important to remember when choosing this metal.


Pros & Cons of Aluminum Roofing


Aluminum Roofing Materials are often called the Dune Buggy of roofing. Copper roofing is the Range Rover. Come with us to this room. Get rid of the roof, doors, windows, and all other parts that are not necessary for a Volkswagen Beetle. Seal off the components and install a roll-cage to improve the suspension. Add some sand to the tires and go on a beach cruiser. This will make your vehicle the most corrosive-resistant and strong as an Aluminum roof.


Aluminum roofs are highly recommended for coastal climates. This is due to aluminum's superior resistance against salt corrosion when compared with other metal roofing materials. It is often believed that an aluminum roof is indestructible from rust. But, it is actually highly active and can react rapidly to changes within the environment.


As with copper, the disadvantage of aluminum is its frequent cost. Although it offers better corrosion protection than other options, it is still more expensive than coatings made of aluminum. The market will determine the cost of an aluminum roof. This metal usually costs somewhere in the middle of the cost of steel and copper. Because of its lower price, aluminum is often used to make thinner sheets than steel.


Zinc roofing: pros and cons


Who hasn't heard about the Humvee? It was a machine that was both sturdy and reliable, could go almost anywhere, and cost a very reasonable amount. In a nutshell: This is Zinc.


Zinc can be used to heal scratches, and it will also last for over a century. Zinc's inherent characteristics make it a popular choice when it comes to commercial applications. Because it is easy to shape and mold into amazing shapes, it is also very versatile. However, chalking over time isn't a desirable characteristic of Zinc but can be cleaned up.


Zinc's visual chalking effects and high price are the main drawbacks. Zinc is not cheap. Zinc is often compared with copper. Zinc, like Copper, requires professional installation to fully reap its benefits as an architectural element.


Pros & Cons of Steel Roof Roofing


Steel is a steel composite made from iron and other elements. Steel roofing has been used extensively on commercial construction sites for many years. It is also increasingly being used for residential construction. While steel production can take more energy than other metals like zinc, its recyclability makes it possible to recycle most of the steel that we use. Steel is the most recycled commodity on the planet. This makes it an excellent building resource.



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